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Legal notices


Nahuel Broglino  is not responsible for the results of the plans, since these depend on the involvement and compliance with the advice recommendations by the user.

Nahuel Broglino is not responsible for compliance with the advisory plans.


Nahuel Broglino makes the assessments based on the information provided by the user, and is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data provided.

Nahuel Broglino is not responsible for the results of a counseling plan based on inaccurate, incomplete or erroneous data.

Nahuel Broglino is not responsible for the poor execution of the exercises proposed in the training plans.

Nahuel Broglino is not responsible for possible injuries caused by the poor execution of an exercise or those caused by the prescribed physical exercise.

Nahuel Broglino reserves the right to publish photographs of his clients' progress, always with prior notice and authorization from the adviser. And keeping your identity anonymous if required.

The Nahuel Broglino website does not sell, rent or trade personally identifiable information to third parties.


The trainings can coincide between several users, if the characteristics, objectives and level coincide between them.


The price of each product will be the one stipulated at all times on my website, except in the event of a manifest error.

In the case that a student has contracted an online counseling plan  and during the active period of the advice the price will be modified, the initial price of the product that it had at the time of contracting the service will be maintained.

Adhesion to promotions is not allowed once payment has been made.

The user will have access to his client area when Nahuel Broglino  has received the correct payment for the service.

The start date of the plan is activated when Nahuel Broglino sends the instructions for the training plan via email.

In case of cancellation / cancellation of the payment by the bank, the user will be automatically deactivated.

Past the  days for which the service was contracted, if the user has not renewed the payment, his user will be deactivated and will not have access to his client area within the web and will not have the right to resolve doubts about the plan or specific advice about of the services previously provided.

Returns are not allowed.

Nahuel Broglino is not responsible for the management expenses of the bank of the adviser when making the payment.

Nahuel Broglino is not responsible for possible errors in sending the transfer due to the error of the contracting user.


By using this site, you are accepting and consenting to the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy, Security and Personal Data Policies of the site.

These Terms and Conditions were updated on 4/13/2018.

Carefully read our PRIVACY, SECURITY AND PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICIES, which establish the security standards we use and the use we make of the information collected. Through your registration as a User and by using the Site, you are accepting them and authorizing the use of your personal data in the manner provided therein.


The privacy and data protection policies are in accordance with the current and applicable regulations in Argentina for the protection of personal data (Law 25,326).

Users at the time of registering will dump their required personal data, expressly consenting to its use for the purposes requested (including advertising and / or promotions associated with the Site and / or its services).

All personal data provided by our Users are treated confidentially, receive adequate protection in accordance with strict security regulations.

The client  gives his full consent for Nahuel Broglino  transfer all or part of the registered personal information, to natural and / or legal persons associated, controlled and / or controlling, directly or indirectly linked, service providers, at any time and in accordance with the conditions that it deems appropriate.

The User guarantees the accuracy, timeliness, veracity and certainty of the personal data entered in Nahuel Broglino, committing to keep them updated at all times.  


The adviser will only have the right to resolve doubts while his plan is in force and within the renewal period.

Nahuel Broglino  does not resolve doubts by phone call, text message or any other method of contact other than e-mail.

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