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With my advice you will get that fitness,  yoga and meditation become your lifestyle, you can enjoy each step until you achieve your goal in a constant and lasting way.

Benefits of virtual classes


This training will allow you to manage your times, it is designed for people who need a flexible training that adjusts to the needs of the day to day.


You can train wherever you want  you only need an internet connection


A very effective routine that can be adjusted to each one

I will tell you a little about how virtual classes are  custom:  

Basically it is as if you were training with me personally but from a video call, the best thing is that you can train in your house, patio, garden, balcony and  with the materials you have, or it can also be from the gym in your building.

The only thing you need is to have an internet connection and that's it.

I adapt the routines depending on the materials you have and if you don't have anything, don't worry, you can also train, that's why  you can't have any excuse.

We can do fitness (elongation, functional, HIIT, bodybuilding),  yoga or meditation that depends on what you want.

Classes are 1 hour  

You have a lot of options to make the video call either by whatsapp, facetime, skype or zoom.

If you are one of the people who travel a lot for work, this method is  ideal, so you will never stop training.

If you do not have materials and you want to buy, I can advise you with the budget you have.

The main benefit is that you don't have to pay for any gym membership.

It is a lifestyle





know me  

  Know a little more about me, how I started in the world of fitness, in the world of yoga and why I love helping people to enter that lifestyle.


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