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Personal Trainer  -  Teacher of Yoga

Everything  It started when I realized that I was not making the right decisions to become the person I wanted to be. With time, effort and perseverance I learned that training and eating properly gave my life a new lifestyle. My initial motivation opened the doors to a whole unknown world and I still surpassed  my expectations.

After more than 10 years of bodybuilding training, I felt that I needed something more, to improve my muscles from a  more integral aspect, and there I turned to Yoga, I did some classes and I realized that it was what I was looking for.  I change my head so much  that I began to study more in depth on the subject. Then I began to meditate, and reacted that it is very important to connect the body with the mind.  

That is why I invite you to start together in this wonderful world that is the MIND-BODY.

Let us begin!!

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